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KEY Class 2020


KEY Camp Classes-2019

Students select your top choices for each session. There are four sessions per week with over 23 class choices. Not all classes are offered every session. Students will attend 4 classes during the week unless they select a double session class.
KEY Class Descriptions
Engineering Mashup
This class is for curious and inquisitive minds to explore what happens when a light is turned on, how speakers make sound, and the fundamentals of what goes into designing and constructing a bridge. In this class, we will explore these topics. Students will build their own electrical circuit and suspension bridge and then test its weight capacity.
American Sign Language
Explore the benefit of communicating with sign language. Discover this amazing language and learn how to greet people and talk about your family, friends, and hobbies in this visual language exploration class. This class is for students who have never taken American Sign Language and have always wanted to try.
KEY Theatre: Stories on Stage (This is a double session class.)
Journey with us to the continent of Africa where the spider Anansi plays tricks on all the other animals. Discover the art of theatre through acting, prop making, costuming, movement, script analysis, and set design while bringing to life the rich storytelling culture of the Ashanti people. Students will be involved in all aspects of theatre production and delight the audience with their production of Anansi: Tales of a Spider on Super Sunday. 
More than Muppets, it’s a puppet palooza! Puppets are used in many different art forms from movies to television, on Broadway, and even in commercials. Learn about the basic types of puppets, their construction, and how to manipulate them to communicate with an audience. Students will construct puppets and use them to perform a short piece they create for the audience on Super Saturday.
CSI Scientists
Learn how crime scene investigators work. Search for evidence and gather clues to discover how science can help detectives solve a crime. Students will examine, roll, dust, and lift fingerprints, analyze blood spatter patterns, and cast a footwear impression. We will work with luminol, alternate lighting, and different types of hair, fibers, and trace evidence. Each student will experience a mock crime scene, examine the evidence, and learn how to collect and package sensitive items. In no time, you will be using your inquisitive minds, sifting through witness statements and all types of evidence, and performing experiments like a real forensic scientist.
Chemistry Chaos
Chemistry (kem-iss-tree): The study of chemicals and chemical reactions. Students will learn how to make things change color, smoke, and then blow up—useful life skills. You are cordially invited to poke, prod, pour, postulate, and generally oooh and aaah. The chemists (students) will make from scratch: silly putty, foam, slime, and coagulate polystyrene. They will form hypotheses, formulate answers, and come up with conclusions. Students will be able to woo their friends and family with their new knowledge.
Anatomy and Physiology: The Amazing Human Body and How it Works
Have you ever wondered how your DNA controls your traits, how your heart, lungs, and muscles deliver nutrients and oxygen to fuel your body during rest and exercise, or how foods are broken down and converted to fuel for life processes? Lace-up your tennis shoes, literally, as we investigate the human body.
Paleo Fossil Extraction and Study of Ancient Life Forms
Look inside the ancient world of fossils, the extraction process, and the impressive preservation of pre-historic life on earth as you work on your own mini dig. Each student will receive a fossil dig prototype with mystery specimens hidden within. Students will act as paleontologists and document their discoveries using quarry maps.
Oceanography and Creatures of the Sea
This class will cover the origin of life in the sea, marine biology, and the use of maps in determining the nature of the seafloor. Emphasis will be given to rocks and shells (including microscope work) and the fossils of ancient sea life. Students will discover the mineral wealth of the sea and the dangers of polluting our oceans and visit an ancient beach and fish deposit.
Visits to the Real Jurassic Park (This is a double session class.)
This class will conduct fossil preparation activities and visit dinosaur beds of the Delta. Students will hunt for marine reptiles, clam beds, and squids of the ancient seas. Four field trips will help you reconstruct the Golden Age of the Monsters. We will better understand the environment of the “time of dying". Could it happen again? For the daring of heart, we will climb the cliffs on the trail of several pterodactyls. Bring hiking shoes, a hat, and money for a soda.

Students will learn how to build, program, and operate a robot using the Lego Mindstorms education software. These are not your little brother or sister’s Legos. A sophisticated robotic system can maneuver through obstacles, move objects, respond to its environment, and complete tasks. Students will start with parts and design to build and program a robot of their design.
X-Plane Flight Simulator Training
This class is highly recommended for students fascinated by aviation and dream of earning their wings. Using Fly to Learn 2019, you can learn the fundamentals of flying a simple, single-engine plane in all kinds of weather and terrain. You will keep a log of your flight time. Come experience this exciting class with realistic physics and extraordinary graphics.
The Amazing Journey
Team up with other students to complete this world adventure. Use clues to find destinations by solving small puzzles, light physical activities, and memorization. Win daily prizes by being the first team to reach the correct destination.
Out of This World (Rocketry and More)
Students will explore rocket theory, study the effects of cold on food, and predict and learn how simple toys work on Earth and in the weightless environment of space. Hands-on activities include building a cube on land and in a weightless water environment. Students need a swimsuit for this class. You will build your own rocket and launch it on Super Saturday (weather permitting).
Things that Fly
Students will predict and use hands-on experiences to test how airflow forces work on materials such as water rockets. Build a kite using tissue paper, straws, and string. Learn to make your own paper airplanes and how they work and compete in contests against other students. 
Have you ever wanted to be a part of the excitement of the newsroom? Learn how stories are formed, what causes headlines, and the pressures of deadlines. You will become the editor of your own column. Choose a topic: travel, food, arts and entertainment, people in the news, fascinating facts, Dear Abby, photography, or comics. Together we will create and publish a KEY newspaper. 
Taste Sensations from Many Nations - This is a double session class.
Prepare your taste buds; they are about to experience five days of excitement. Each day we will select recipes from around the world . . . Mexico, the United States, the Middle East, India, and China. We will shop for ingredients, prepare breakfasts, sandwiches, soups, main courses, side dishes, salads and desserts, and sample our work. You will learn basic cooking skills and terms, and leave the class with a recipe book of all your favorites. On Super Saturday, your family will view and sample your work. 
Writer’s Workshop
Have you ever dreamed of becoming a writer, of publishing your own story, poem, book, play, or article? You will delve into the fundamentals of written communication in this class. Using a treasure list of writing ideas from your own and others’ experiences, you will create original writings that may be submitted for publication. You will never again have to wonder about a possible topic for your writing.
Mas-car-ade by U & Company
Masks are mysterious. Learn about their uses and origins and the art of mask making. Students will create several unique types made from a variety of materials, including a real plaster cast of your very own face. So don’t be shy, don’t be afraid, grab a partner, and find out what’s behind your masquerade.
No Picassos Required
You don’t need to be an artistic genius to enjoy the experience of creating projects offered in this class. We will explore and use materials and creative techniques to make unique works of art. The best part is that every project is guaranteed to be successful. Even Picasso would have to approve.
Meet the Masters
For the curious and creative-minded. Study the masters to find out what it was like to be a famous artist. Mimic Van Gogh and use thick, bright, colorful painting techniques to create a vivid masterpiece in his style. Explore Georgia O’Keeffe and experience her inspirations by painting giant flowers, beautiful landscapes, or mysterious animal skulls in the sky. Color and heat plastic to create a hanging mobile that emulates world-famous glassblower, Dale Chihuly’s, outdoor chandeliers.
Bookmaking Bonanza
Learn to make folded books, books with secret pockets, tiny books, and books in which to sketch. You will learn to make unique books in which you can place photographs, autographs, sketches, creative writings, and even secrets. Your results will be gift-worthy if you can part with any of them.
Mugs, Rugs and More
Students will create and glaze a clay mug suitable for coffee, tea, or hot chocolate and use a small, loom to design and produce a 6"x 9" weaving to go with your mug. Learn to create a beautiful pastel and ink drawing using found objects to draw flowers. If time permits, students will carve a stamp and use it to make a colorful design.