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KEY Class 2020

Every camper will take every class! Campers will experience a broad array of subject areas that are academic and fun. No more waiting to get into a class.
Tools of Astronomy
Many of the instruments used in astronomy cost billions of dollars and are complex to build, use, and maintain but that has not always been the case. Astronomy before the digital age consisted mainly of simple tools and basic observations. Design and construct some of these early tools and use them to observe the sky. Then return to the digital age to conduct a solar observation using a reflecting telescope and discuss robotic telescopes and NASA’s archives.
Put on your safety glasses and lab coats and get ready to explore a variety of elements and compounds through scientific experiments that delve into physical and chemical reactions.
Computer Science
Microprocessors may be small, but they pack a powerful punch. Enter the tiny world of transistors, resistors, and diodes as you learn to build an FM radio transmitter using a microprocessor and open source software that will broadcast sound through a radio in real-time.
Creative Writing: From Inspiration to Creation
Write about the world as only you can. Learn how to find inspiration in unlikely places, and then discover your voice by exploring what it means to be you. You will bring your unique perspective into focus through memories of childhood, where you are from, your family history, and past experiences, all of which shape the way you view the world and how you tell your story.
Food Science: Farm to Plate
Master the art of sous vide cooking and feel free to play with your food as you learn about organics and microgreens, visit a greenhouse, and experiment with spherification, the culinary process used to turn a liquid into a squishy sphere.
Civil War surgeons were often referred to as sawbones, a fitting name considering the most common Civil War surgery was the dreaded amputation. Discover how doctors who were understaffed, underqualified, and lacking supplies muddled through what is known as the Medical Middle Ages. You will experience what it was like to perform surgery with the rudimentary instruments using Civil War suture methods and materials.
Microbiology: DNA Extraction and Analysis
This class will show you what you are made of. Extract your DNA and that of a plant or animal and use an autoclave to isolate it for observation and study. Explore the principles of meiosis and mitosis and discuss current issues and applications in the field of DNA including gene editing, genetic diseases, and forensic sciences.
Natural History
Enter the ancient world of fossils and learn about the excavation process, fossil preparation, specimen preservation, and the use of maps in determining the nature of the seafloor and the origins of marine life. We will study rocks, shells, and fossils of ancient marine life and learn the art of Gyotaku: Japanese fish printing.
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