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OLLI Code of Conduct
OLLI at Casper College aims to create environments that maximize the learning experience for all members. Many of our classes offer a forum for the lively and passionate exchange of views while other classes create an environment for personal introspection and to maximize a sense of calm. Therefore, our learning community adheres to the principles of courtesy and mutual respect to promote a learning environment that meets the expectations and class needs of the instructor and members. Reasoned discourse, intellectual honesty, and appropriate behavior are foundational standards of OLLI.
Transgressions may include denigrating the views or opinions of others, threatening behaviors, offensive or abusive language, disruptive conduct, sexual harassment, discrimination, and monopolizing discussions. Personal attacks are unwarranted.
OLLI members, instructors, or facilitators who do not adhere to this code may be removed from class or denied the privilege of future participation.